What should be the diet plan for a COPD patient?


Joe Bains

5/31/20220 min read

Here’s my best guess so would love to hear from people who actually have it and have gotten rid of it.

So from what I’ve read about it these are common symptoms for people with COPD.

usually underweight & a smoker, lots of mucus being produced, short of breath and not being able to get enough oxygen, Vitamin D deficiency, high inflammation problems.

So to resolve these issues I suggest the following:-

No dairy (for the mucus): cut out all dairy products except for high quality organic ghee. Go full clean keto with OMAD (One meal a day)

low inflammation foods (to help the lungs heal): foods that cause this are sugar/bread/refined carbs and low quality fats/oils.

Full clean keto is very low inflammation diet and is naturally gluten free, just stay away from dairy.

Smoker (find effective ways to quit smoking): try the different therapies to resolve this as without this none of the others can do anything.

Native American church Poyote sweat lodge ceremony is great at healing addiction problems.

Increase Vit D: high quality supplement and/or eat lightly cooked or even raw wild alaskan salmon - this is very high in vita D, omega 3 fats and very low in mercury.

Short of breath : Wim hof breathwork + cold showers, Kundalini yoga, pranayama exercises.

That should do it, and remember this is just my best guesswork so may need a lot of tweaking but a good base to start from.